The system is provided by certified trainers

You can register to the Village Diet by downloading the app from apple / google store and registering in one of the packages available.

The majority of communication with the trainer is through the Village Diet application

All cases except for medical cases


Village Diet customers will certainly have their own advantages.

The diet is designed by the trainer based on your needs.

Exercises are according to the participant’s desire, and there are home exercises

Yes, 48 ​​hours before the order is delivered


Yes, 48 hours before the order arrives

Yes, you can upgrade the package through your personal page

The comprehensive package includes sports training, follow-up, and meals delivered to your door

You will have daily recipes - daily exercises - follow up with your coach in your own community

Delivery to the Riyadh region only, and soon, God willing, in all regions of the Kingdom

Yes, but you must request the exchange 48 hours in advance or write a note at the beginning of the order

Yes, but you must stop it 48 hours before the order is delivered, and also reactivate it 48 hours before your order.

Write in the order note box what you are allergic to

Contact Village Diet customer service and your problem will be solved within 24 hours

Yes, the meal has its own content

Contact the Village diet administration to customize your own regimen

Yes you can