Many people struggle to navigate the complex world of nutrition and fitness, which makes them not lose weight successfully and cannot maintain their proper weight and therefore cannot achieve their health goals

With the Village Diet, we offer you the new diet concept with a sustainable plan for healthy weekly meals, healthy habits, and simple effective daily exercises. It is tailored to your goals and needs, so you can achieve your results faster and   without all the stress and confusion

Village Diet Communities

The platform seeks to become the new national breakthrough within the Saudi community in the world of health and fitness. By collecting and displaying all physical education trainers within the platform and providing online follow-up service through direct communication between the two parties

  • The ability to participate with the trainer in the community
  • The ability to participate with the participants in the community
  • The ability to view new content for individuals
  • The ability to participate in written content and pictures
  • The ability to share audio files
  • Interaction with all members of the community

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